Student Michigan Education Association


Past Events:

August 30th- CoEd Colloquium / Sparticipation
September 6th-9th: Recruitment week
September 14th - General Meeting
September 18th- Sparticipation Part 2
September 21st- General Meeting
October 3rd- Soup Kitchen Volunteering
October 5th- Technology in the classroom
October 9th- Cider Mill
October 11th- Soup Kitchen
October 17th- Scholastic Book event & Pizza House Fundraiser
October 19th- Yankee Candle Fundrasier
October 24th- Trick or Treat on the Square
October 27th - Trunk or Treat
November 3rd- NEA Government meeting
November 4th- Donely Elementary Pumpkin Fest
November 5th- CoEd Tech Conference 
November 9th - Fleece and thank you
November 10th - Whitehills Elementary STEM Festival
November 15th - Pizza House Fundraiser 
November 16th - Yankee Candle ends
November 30th - Netflix and Coloring
January 11th - General Meeting
January 16th - Fun Pasta Fundraising starts
January 17th - Undergrad Tip Night
January 18th - TinkrLab
January 19th - Craft Night
January 20th - $2 Lunches 
January 25th - Healthy and Active Classroom Community
February 1st - Resume Workshop
February 8th - Valentines to Post Oak
February 15th - Internship Panel
February 23rd - Whitehills Embrace the World Event
February 24&25th - Donely Door Decorating
March 13th - Panda Express Fundraiser
March 14th - Canvas Night
March 16th - Teacher Panel 
March 18th - SMEA Conference
March 24th - Lansing  Leaders and Literacy Day
March 25th - I AM A TEACHER expo
March 29th - Haven House
April 3rd - Teacher Recruitment Fair
April 4th/5th - Outreach Meeting
April 7th - Fun Pasta Fundraising ends

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