Student Michigan Education Association~ MSU

Past Members:

April 2017Member of the Month:

Jessica Waltz

Jessica’s major is Biology with an Integrated Science Endorsement and Chemistry teaching minor. She’s from Pinckney, MI. Her favorite thing about SMEA has been connecting with others who share her passion for teaching. She has really enjoyed the community outreach aspect of SMEA and getting to support kids in the Lansing area. And a fun fact about Jessica is that she loves music and has been playing clarinet for 11 years!

March 2017 Member of the Month:

Tracy Naughton 

Tracy is an elementary education major with minor in early education and she’s from Palos Park, Illinois. Her favorite thing about SMEA is the opportunity to connect with future Spartan teachers and an interesting fact about Tracy is that she loves to travel!

February 2017 Member of the Month:

Cassidy Hines

Cassidy is a senior elementary education major with a concentration in Integrated Science. She is from New Boston, Michigan. Her favorite thing about SMEA is that it gives her a taste of the MEA and NEA, which she will likely be involved with for the rest of her life. An interesting fact Cassidy is that there are 8 kids in her family!

January 2017 Member of the Month:

Meet Hanna Kangas!  

Hanna is a Freshman from Hillman, Michigan. She is majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry so she can teach Secondary Education one day. Her favorite thing about SMEA is meeting all the different Education majors. This summer she went to Ireland for a Freshman Seminar Abroad Program. Congratulations Hanna and keep up the good work!

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